These pieces are already sold, but they illustrate the variety of my designs and may help with ideas if you are thinking of commissioning a piece of jewellery.

Lapiis lazuli
Triple Triangle
Leaf Jade
Sterling silver earrings inlaid with Lapis lazuli from Afghanistan.

Sterling silver “triple triangle” earrings.

“Abstract” series sterling silver earrings.
Sterling silver earrings with roller-printed, antiqued, design..
  “Leaves” sterling silver earrings with jade from British Columbia, Canada.
Horse Overlay Ring Citrine Ring Moonstone Ring Chrysoprase Earrings Bubbles

Sterling silver earrings with overlay horse design.

Sterling silver ring with 10 kt gold accents and a concave-faceted citrine that I designed and cut.
Sterling silver ring with a lovely white moonstone.
Sterling silver ring with abstract design and inlaid with chrysoprase from Australia.
“Bubbles” series sterling silver earrings 

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