These pieces are already sold, but they illustrate the variety of my designs and may help with ideas if you are thinking of commissioning a piece of jewellery.

Ring Citrine
Br Varisite
Brch Branches
Pend opal
Sterling silver “Diving Otter” pendant inlaid with a stone containing quartz, chrysocolla, and malachite.
"Fishing Heron" Reversible sterling silver pendant with natural stone from Vancouver Island, B.C, Canada
“Seahorse” sterling silver brooch/pendant.
“Stone Orchid” pendant inlaid with agates from Botswana and Australia.
Sterling silver pendant with stabilized Kingman mine turquoise.
Pend rhod trees Br fish Rings Br Jasper Br inlaid VI

Sterling silver brooch with an agate from Montana, USA.

“Waves”, sterling silver pendant with imperial jasper from Oregon, USA.
Sterling silver pendant with chrysocolla from Arizona, USA
“Horse in the clouds”, sterling silver pendant.
Sterling silver pendant with “flowerstone” from Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

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